BSOD while playing and watching twitch. error 0x00000124


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I have been getting BSOD while I am playing or watching twitch. Sometimes it happen suddenly while I am not even near my laptop or doing anything on it. I don't always get BSOD especially when I am playing the computer just freeze and I had to force it to restart.

I ran prime95 to test the cpu and it passed and I ran memtes86+ and it passed whitout any errors.Also, I ran chkdsk and it stuck at 10% I don't know why. I tried to download the twitch rather than using a browser and it didn't work. I use mostly google chrome but now I stat using firefox thinking the issue might disappear. But nothing works. My laptop CPU temperature in load doesn't exceed 81c and the GPU doesn't exceed 73c.
I noticed when I decrease maximum processor state in the proccess power managment in the power option to 70% and the minimum processor state to 60% I don't get it at often.

I uplaoded my dumpfiles

Thanks in advance.


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