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Bsod "whea_uncorrectable_error (124)"


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Hi, I'm having a hard time figuring out the source of my blue screen on my Gigabyte Aero 14. The bluescreens happen mostly on battery mode, for exemple when I startup the computer, when I unplug the power cord, or when I wake up the computer from sleepmode. In some rare cases it had happened randomly when using the computer plugged in (but most cases when unplugged).
I'm very happy with this computer otherwise so the situation start to bum me out. I think the problem is probably driver related because I feel like I never had these blue screens before I decided one night to update all of my drivers at once (even the bios) but I cannot find the culprit.
My computer power mode was set on performance mode so I though the BSOD causes was that the CPU load was maybe too high to use this mode unplugged so I switched the settings to be on balanced mode. I though I solved the problem when switching to balanced mode, but I still get BSOD they just are rarer now.
By the way I don't get any blue screen in windows safe mode, even on battery. I also ran the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool and everything passed.

View attachment LAPTOP-GREG-27-Dec-17__45342_89.zip
I've attached the diagnostic to my post and have added to the zip some crash dump I analyzed with WinDbg.
Thanks to anyone who would take time to look into my problem.

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