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BSOD : Seagate Exp 2TB External (BSOD While inserting)


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I have a seagate expansion 2TB external HDD. It was working fine with every laptop till last Thursday.
The drive caused a BSOD while copying some files and from that point on wards BSODs are occurring every time and with every other laptop (tried with 5 laptops and 1 desktop all having windows 8 except 1 windows 7). Just insert the hard disk in USB slot and within 5-6 seconds it gives BSOD.
* The HDD is bit locker encrypted. There is no BSOD when its locked. But once I enter the password there is BSOD.
I have checked the internal SATA connector for voltage fluctuation but other hard drive is running with the internal SATA connector. Also checked with other USD 3 connector. I think there is some problem with the drive itself. I even tried to open it with Ubuntu.(DVD boot ubuntu) But ubuntu is not detecting the storage device.
The drive is in warranty and can be replaced but I need my data desperately. Please help.


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