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BSOD Error CRITICAL_SERVICE_FAILED, no other error code


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Hello 8Forum members.

Alot of threads and obviously people have indirectly helped me solve windows issues. But after searching n searching about this particular I admit defeat.

Getting into the specifics I was just copying files from one drive to a portable one when I had a power failure, When i booted the system later it started giving the error CRITICAL_SERVICE_FAILED. I also noticed the harddrive load light was constantly On , I have only noticed that during heavy loads.
I have tried the automatic/startup repair. It fails. I had a system restore point from 3 days ago. It failed.
Another one from 5 days ago, it failed too.
Cant go into safemode same Bsod. I ran chkdsk alone and on /f , no problems.
sfc /scannow gives 'windows resource protection..' error and doesnt go past stage 1.
I havnt tried chkdsk /r because eta is 9 hours. 1 TB GPT disk
I tried booting with Driver Signing off, no change.
I had a linux image on my usb , I booted through it and checked the drives. They seem fine. All drives would mount and status is healthy.
I checked the Minidumps folder and the dumps there are 1 month old. I dont see any new dumps for some reason.
Windows 8.1. I didnt recently install any drivers or devices, I have an antivirus ESET, The drive i was copying from wasnt system drive.
I hope someone here can help out, I have hit a wall.


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Even though all the tests and checks you performed, it sounds like your hard drive is failing.

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