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I have now tried everything that can be found on the Internet in terms of solutions, but I cannot get rid of the BSOD. When do I have the BSOD? I "only" have it when I install Windows Update KB5004476 (Windows 10 inevitably enforces this update), which was provided at the beginning of June 2021. When shutting down after installation, it proceeds the update up to exactly 30%, then carries out the restart and this always ends in the BSOD, which initially only shows "Page Fault In Nonpaged Area" as an error message. The driver "ntoskrnl.exe" is stated as the cause in the minidump (see attached file). Then I have to start in Safe Mode, which removes the Windows Update. The PC starts normally until the loop starts again with the new update KB5004476.

What have I done without success so far? RAM tested (no errors), exchanged one after another, plugged in, etc. Tried all "page file" solutions. Windows update repair with the onboard tool. Windows update cache cleaned up. All device drivers updated (no error messages in the Device Manager). Mainboard BIOS is on the latest firmware. I downloaded the update KB5004476 manually from the Windows catalog and installed it offline. I have never installed 3rd party antivirus software on this system, I only use the one integrated in Windows 10.

I do not know how to continue. The computer runs flawlessly and has so far accepted all Windows updates without any problems. No new hardware has been added in a year. In July 2020 only the graphics card was replaced by a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super. I suspect some driver conflict. Maybe someone sees something in the minidump that I don't see.

Update: ArcCtrl.sys was the trouble maker.


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