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BSOD - 0x00000124 - caused by ntoskrnl.exe dump attached


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Hi guys,

Having BSOD issues. I thought initially it was scaned from hardware issue maybe loose connectors but my build is less than 30 days old and i've reseated all parts about 4 days ago. It didnt BSOD for 4 days but today it BSOD while browsing the internet, the next BSOD was when trying to hardware scan device manager so I know it must be caused from some files inside my OS and not hardware.

I've attached the dump file but theres a lot of dumps becuase of BSOD i've had so far caused by ntoskrnl.exe. I will be trying driver sweeper to remove graphic card drivers then reinstalling them maybe that will help. Looking forward to any expert help on this matter thank you.

I think most recent dump file is 112213-25724-01.dmp

* All temps are fine CPU hasnt gone above 50c when playing games I've been monitoring with HW monitor. I did overclock once but it wasnt sustainable so I reset to stock a while back so I'm NOT OC'd now.
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