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Both C & D drives on Disk 1, 100% disk usage most of time


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100% disk usage most of time, BSOD Memory_Management

My laptop (Lenovo Y500 Laptop | Lenovo US) has a 1TB 5400rpm hard drive C: and it also has a 24GB chached SSD D:. The link only shows a 16, but mine was 24. Today, I left my computer idle while I was at class (I'm in college) and when I came back it was frozen on the start up screen Lenovo Logo. As customary with computer problems, I turned it off and turned it on again. It booted up fine, maybe the tiniest bit slow, but nothing really different from the norm. But, when I opened up Chrome, my entire computer froze up after about five seconds, and I had to force shut down. This happened about 10 times (not just with Chrome, but with explorer and Task Manager too). Weird thing is, I only got one BSOD, for MEMORY_MANAGEMENT. When it magically started up without immediately freezing after the first click, I scanned for viruses--nothing changed. I CCleaned the temp files and registry--still nothing. I checked for fragmentation--0% fragmented. Once I finally got Task Manager open, I started thoroughly checking all the tabs. Here's what I found:
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See how Disk 1 has C: AND D: ? I'm 100% sure that D: used to be on Disk 0. After some more freezing and rebooting, I discovered that Disk 1 maxes out active time to 100% really, really easily. Average response time maxed over 1000. Actually, I'm surprised my computer hasn't frozen since I started typing this post. It's that bad.

I have not done a restore point because I thought it probably wouldn't help, since I haven't installed anything in the past few days that could affect this. The last thing I installed was ModelSim, but that was a few weeks back. This problem came out of nowhere. I looked around a little bit online and a couple people had hard drives die on them, but this time my main drive Disk 1 has both drives on it. Which is weird.

Here's some screenshots of My PC, C:, and D:.

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I believe all those text documents from 2007 are part of ModelSim, as are the Mentor Graphics and modeltech64_10.3b folders. Remote Programs, on the other hand, had a bunch of folders for games that were last modified in 2013--and I know I did not put them there.
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Do I have like some sort of remote control virus or something? I'm getting scared now because I'm a poor college student who has like a total of $500, which will not buy a laptop that will run engineering software very well. EDIT I found some game launching program that I hadn't installed, so I uninstalled it. I think it may have been on there from when I sent my laptop in for repairs this summer. Bloatware, you know. I deleted the game folders too.
I "Did not have permission to access" the PerfLogs folder, but when I opened it as admin, it was empty. It too was from summer '13. Weird stuff is going on. The RecoverLog folder has some stuff in it, can't really tell what it is.
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I'm pretty sure that PerfLogs and RecoveryLogs are from ModelSim, since they weren't there a few weeks ago. But the Remote Programs folder with random games in it scares me.

Anyway, the real thing here is the D: drive.
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the Application folder only has some McAfee thingie in it, and the drivers folder has drivers in it. I don't remember what was in there before but I have a vague memory that there should be something else in there too. Not sure about that one.

Anyway, I will try to do a restore point and maybe uninstall ModelSim since I don't really need it. But any professional help would be nice.
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Sorry for the delay in responding. There just aren't that many people who do BSOD analysis, so at times we get a bit overwhelmed!
Add to that the release of the Win10 preview and my system messing up - and I'm way behind on replying to topics. Sorry!

Do your still need help with this problem?
I will be notified if you reply to this topic and will respond within 48 hours.

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Hi Kiznal & Welcome to the forums ^_^,

I am very sorry for the delayed response as we all have been busy.

Please press Ctrl+R to open the RUN Dialog box and then type in "perfmon /res" (without quotes).
This will open the Resource Monitor on your system. Under the DISK Dropdown, sort the list by clicking once on the TOTAL(B/SEC) such that it will sort the list in descending order.

Post a screenshot of that :)

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