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Bluetooth speakers only work with USB card on vmware


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Hi there.

Tried to pair a Logitech Miniboombox on to a W8 virtual machine using vmware workstation.
The built in Bluetooth adapter didn't work but a USB bluetooth adapter could be attached to the VM and the device paired instantly.

Is bluetooth not supported natively by vmwware. The USB adapter is just a get around - would prefer to use the Native device if possible.

I see from the vmware site that the dialog only appears on the Host but I couldn't get the device to pair on the VM.

USB adapter -- no problem.

from the vmware site : seems to imply that it SHOULD work without using a separate USB adapter.

[h=3]Limitations[/h]Workstation and Fusion have these limitations for Bluetooth support:

  • Outgoing connections only. A virtual machine may establish a connection to a remote Bluetooth device, but remote devices do not see services that virtual machines try to advertise.
  • Virtual machines cannot change the name, class, or discoverability of the host's Bluetooth adapter. The host is exclusively in control over setting whether other Bluetooth devices can discover the host, and what name it appears as.
  • The host is exclusively in control of the pairing process and collecting/displaying PIN numbers. The guest may scan for devices, and initiate a connection with any device. If pairing is required, the pairing dialog box appears on the host, not in the guest. From the guest's perspective, the device appears to pair without having needed a PIN.
  • Any vendor-specific capabilities on the host's Bluetooth radio are not passed through to the guest. For example, some radios provide a vendor-specific command to change their BDADDR. These commands do not appear in the guest. The guest sees a generic VMware-brand radio.
  • The virtual Bluetooth controller itself is not part of snapshots. During snapshots, it is disconnected and reconnected. Any ongoing connections with Bluetooth devices are terminated at the time of a snapshot.


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