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Bluetooth never worked


New Member
First of all, sorry if I don't explain very well my problem, I'm French...
I have a problem that no one managed to fixed for months now...
I have bought a Samsung np350v5c a year ago in a store selling products from shops that ran out of business. It was brand new, but no more guaranteed by Samsung (it was considered as used, even if not)
The Bluetooth never worked.
I set my xperia smartphone as discoverable, but the laptop won't see anything.
When I try to change laptop bluetooth parameters "allow Bluetooth devices to detect", the Bluetooth windows simply crashes, and a message tells me than "the following parameters have not been registered: discovery settings".
I have read that I had to activate Bluetooth Support Services, but this line is missing in the list off services.:huh:
I have tried uninstall and reinstall bluetooth drivers.
So far, I don't know what to do to make it work.
Are there Bluetooth/Windows 8 experts here? Could someone help me?

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