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Bluetooth and drivers


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I would like to tell everything that has happened to my HP Pavilion G6-2301AX Laptop (windows 8) in the hope that I will get a more accurate solution for my problem.

3 months ago I had an overheating issue and since my laptop was in warranty, the HP engineer came and solved that issue but my laptop wasnt starting. So he told me to purchase an HP Recovery Media from HP and I did so. It worked fine. Then during startup my laptop started showing a message to replace the battery. This happened 3 weeks ago. So I replaced my battery with a new one and an original one. A week after this, my laptop started showing the same message that is my batteries capacity has been reduced and that I should replace it but I have not replaced it the second time. And in between the 3 weeks (i.e. since I replaced with a new battery), I have done system recovery twice and day before yesterday I reset to factory settings. But all 3 times, after a span of 2-3 days my bluetooth driver stops working. Like d 1st time I did system recovery, for 2-3 days everything works fine and then bluetooth is disabled and no way to enable it. Same with the 2nd time. And the same thing when I did factory reset. Since the last week, my laptop restarts in between. It is rare but still it does happen.

What is the cause for this? why is this happening even after system recovery and factory reset? and what is the solution.? How can I get my laptop working in the best condition again?

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