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black screen and mouse issue cant repair or enter safemode


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Hi! I recently got a broken store and trying to fix it last week with a cmd method found on google. After scan and doing something it says it's ready. But yesterday after boot i got the well-known issue with the blinking black screen and moving cursor. Nothing helped :confused: Repair said that it cannot repair my pc. And it appeares that it cannot find any restore points wich is weird, the last i did was on 8 july since then i didn't installed that much.

Safe mode was hard either. The restart from Advanced Startup options said it had error d0000452. The solution i tried was RegCurePro from another hdd with win7 installed but it didn't fixed it. Lastly the sfc /scannow says it can't find anything to repair. Enabling the safemode from cmd was also a failure and says bcdedit cannot be found or somethin.....

The last thing is to refresh my pc but i leave it on the end. Is there anything i didn't try yet? pls tell me :cry: I'm on dual boot with OS X and have rights on windows files if that could help somehow..

I don't remember what was this fix, it was a week ago...Using Windows 8 Enterprise 32bit(not 8.1).

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