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Automatic Repair couldn't repair your PC


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I have a Dell Inspiron laptop with Windows 8, and whenever it attempts to update, it freezes around 15% then resets to display "Failure Configuring Windows 8 Updates." Last night, this happened for the third time this week, and after about four hours of this screen I hard reset it. It continued to revert back to that message every time I hard reset it until I tried the F8 key upon booting, but the first time I did that, none of the options worked, so I shut down and restarted again. Now whenever it boots it shows "Preparing Automatic Repair" followed by "Automatic Repair couldn't repair your PC." In the Advanced Settings I have tried System Refresh, System Restore, Automatic Repair, and all of the Startup Settings, but none of these have worked as it's still stuck in the Automatic Repair loop. What can I do to get it to boot normally?!?!? I've been searching forums and videos all morning, but nothing i've learned has worked. I also don't have a Windows 8 installation disk, and I really don't want to reset the system, wiping all of my files. Please help, I'm currently typing this from a family desktop computer, but I really need my laptop in normal working order ASAP. What should I do? Thankyou.

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