Solved Apps don t stay on taskbar windows 8 via citrix


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Arlon Belgium
Hi all,
I m using windows 8 at home and at work.
I pinned many apps to my startbar at home and at work.
At my workplace I have to remap these apps to the taskbar everyday. They don t stay located after logoff or reboot of the pc.
I already contacted my IT department but they don t support Windows 8 only certain apps we use.
I know this forum is not for workrelated questions but I loose everyday 20 minutes because of this so I m getting really irritated.
I m not on FATCLIENT. I login to a Citrix Client.
I have requested an Admin account for the domain so I can make changes myself and start troubleshooting.
We have a citrix support line but these guys log tickets but can t seem to resolve the issue.
Maybe this issue is unresolvable ?
Suggestions are welcome

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