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Anyone Know Why Bluetooth Control Panel Item Missing?


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There is a bthprops.cpl in Windows\System32, so the icon/link should show up in Control Panel.

That's a minor beef about Windows 8, the major one would be that I can't control how Bluetooth Devices install as Metro UI automates it. The old wizard appears to have been discontinued.

(In a multi-boot scenario a BT keyboard must be installed without a password otherwise it will no longer work across the different OS's and has to be reinstalled at every reboot).

Here's the old one. The narrower window there morphs into the Metro UI Devices page in Windows 8. OK that's for the mouse but it's the same for keyboards.

Instead of automatically installing from the right-hand windows you right-click the item and select Properties. The narrow window appears and you click the Services tab and check the drivers box and OK. The keyboard then installs without a password.


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