Any good PDF app recommendations?


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Hi, I will appreciate suggestions of decent (and fast) PDF apps, specially:

- Compatible with Windows 8.1
- Ideally with pen/stylus compatibility
- Speed is an important aspect

I have worked many years with Adobe Acrobat Pro, but for annotations I honestly like XodoPDF (XodoDocs) and DrawBoard PDF as the best options: these are fast, efficient and easy to use apps with great stylus/touch support. But in detail, Microsoft Reader goes first (number one), then Xodo, and Drawboard number 3.

The problem is, Microsoft Reader won't let me use any other color but black for annotations. I can't install Xodo (without the Store), and while Drawboard works and came with stock Surface 3 Windows, it's not as fast as the other 2 options I mention here. I have tried a long list of PDF readers, but to me they appear bloated, slow, or just seem unfinished products. At least regarding my Surface, I don't want to go back to Windows 10.

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