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Solved antivirus opinions sought


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Some URL addresses that I use frequently were blocked MSE
So I had to install Avast to solve my problem…

Hi there
If these URL addresses were blocked by MSE

1) you weren't running Windows 8 --no such animal as MSE on W8
2) the URL's were blocked obviously for a reason -- you can set exceptions though.

If AVAST allowed access while MSE didn't then it also proves my point --What USE is this type of AV system if every time a URL is blocked you find another program to get round it.

Please understand how W8 Security actually works before mentioning MSE blocks a URL.

What can sometimes happen is that Windows defender in W8 will issue a WARNING message saying that a program or file isn't commonly downloaded and you are given the choice to download it or not. - I think that's quite a decent feature.


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Avast will be fine, I’m also using it with Immunet. (Immunet – Just for adding extra layer of protection). Actually I have not heard much about AVG that's why can't say anything about that.

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