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an very rare error window.cpp, what is it?



does anyone know what this is and how to go about fixing it? this comes up very rarely its almost always not a problem and been like this for 2+ years i thought i should just ask. thanks!

some details, this only happens on boot and I have a bunch of tasks, software to startup on boot as well but this will only come up occasionally, like once a month or something.

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Window.cpp is the name of a source file written in C++ that would have been part of source code used to compile one of your startup programs. The error is reporting a run time error at line 44 of that .cpp file.

Unfortunately that doesn't help much. C++ programmers are unimaginative when naming their source code modules and the name Window.cpp has been use by very many different software developers for many different types of software, as a Google search will confirm.

What it does do is confirm that this is a bug in one of the programs you run at start up. The probability is that it will be 3rd-party software. It's highly unlikely that it's a bug in Windows itself as: a) it would be widely reported, and b) MS should have fixed it by now.
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