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An interesting and infuriating problem


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LIKE PLZ [email protected]?!?! Now that's out of my system..

I have quite possibly a unique issue, involving the black screen. Now I know the root cause, a naffed gfx driver update from nividia but do not know how to solve it. First about my system:

I'm running windows 8.1, updated to 3 weeks ago (last time I could access my win partition).

I use full disk encryption, truecrypt. My truecrypt rescue disk appears to be corrupted.

I dual boot between linux mint 17 and windows.

I've been able to access the “safe mode” menu by continuously cycling the power but unable to do much with it, as anything relating to the windows partition/file system returns an error “hard disk locked” .

I'm unable to permanently decrypt the drive as the rescue disk doesn't wish to work/boot – yes I've made numerous copies but I think somehow the original ISO got corrupted.

Windows boots “fine”, meaning that it will boot up to what I think is the login screen but will only display the black screen and mouse cursor. I keep no system restore points.

My question is how to do I remove/roll back the graphics driver? I've tried an endless amount of stuff found via googling but as of yet none of it has worked.

Any and all suggestions are welcome! Thanks.

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I think in this case you're basically screwed. Without a functioning rescue disc for TrueCrypt, your only option other than formatting and reinstalling would be to try brute force cracking the encryption which would probably take years, decades, maybe even lifetimes with current technology.

I'd say let this be a lesson and next time, if you use TrueCrypt again, make sure the rescue disc works straight away. We've all been where you are, so don't feel too bad, just learn from your mistakes.

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