AMD Firepro M6100 display card keeps crashing


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Hi guys,
I dont know much about computer, please kindly help me, I know my post is very long. Thank you so much in advance for your time and effort.

A few years back, I bought a Dell Precision M6800 from the US, which came with 2 video cards, an Intel HD 4600 on-board and an AMD Firepro M5100/6100 (not sure which, I'll explain later on). Originally it comes with Win8. I use those 3D programes such as 3D Max, Autocad, SketchUp, etc.

After a little while running those 3D programes, it started to blacken out and hang, showing "the AMD card stopped working and has recovered successfully" and sometimes with a blue screen saying my pc runs into problems... :((... At that time, I reached out to Dell support but they could not solve my problem and then ignored my emails. I didnt live in the US so there was nothing else I could do about it. I started to research about my problem online. I cant remember clearly how but I solved the hanging thing. It definitely has something to do with the M5100 or M6100 drivers. I purchased a M5100. But I read in some forum that I had to install M6100 driver. Anyway it seemed to work fine. I was not sure which card was in use or both.
About a year ago I got offered and had my laptop upgraded to Win10. Unfortunately Win10 didnt recognize the AMD card. I had to work those 3D programes on the Intel HD 4600 card until a few days ago, I finally had time to reinstall the whole thing back to Win 8, a fresh installation, then unexpectedly asked to upgrade to Win8.1 (bcoz Win8 is old and there is no more updates for it). And so the old problem of hanging, blackening starts all over again. I dont understand why. Bcoz in Device Manager, the 2 cards all show up and "working properly".

Please help me... it really is hopeless for me here :(

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