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Alternatives to changing brightness?


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Hi! I have a desktop with Windows 8 pro installed. I am using an external monitor with a brand name I am not familiar with (it has a "w" with 3 dots at the top). Also, I can change the brightness through the settings but it has some bands going slowly up the screen and it kind of distracts me. Unfortunately, I am unable to change the brightness through the Windows settings. Is there an alternative way to change the brightness?

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First would be good idea to list the brand and model of monitor you are not familiar with. Bands going slowly up screen sound like a connection problem,a disturbance from another source also, try checking that the connection from the monitor to the computer is tight and not loose. Something next to it could be disturbing it. Also if possible change this connector to another of same type or different connection type, HDMI,VGA, DISPLAY PORT. Have a good surge protector ?

Not sure i understand the part about the " w" with three dots, explain more. Video card has color adjustments in it's properties.
Can use the calibration in display properties in control panel as you adjust brightness.

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