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Alternative CHKDSK R A.K.A. Scanning And Repairing Drive C:?


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I remember CHKDSK R would always have a detailed information about what ever drive it is repairing. Even the drive with the Operating System.

But they got rid of that and instead replaced it with a scary looking
"Scanning And Repairing Drive C:" that does not give much information. The little information it gives, a percentage, is very inaccurate. There is no way to know what really happens when it is scanning.

And I must know. I do not want to ever use CHKDSK R any more. Is there any thing else to take its place.

Is there any thing that can repair drive C before starting Windows, just like CHKDSK R does, but with the detailed information instead?

Any detailed software that exists, please tell me the software. Please And Thank You.

I will install it immediately. But what I am certainly not going to do any more is use CHKDSK R.

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