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After windows 8 install no DVD drives will show up in win8


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I installed windows 8 on my SSD drive and now it will not see the DVD drives. They don't even show up in computer management. In device driver they have yellow tags saying the certificates are not signed? Why would that keep them from working? I tried to update the drivers but no help. On is a Sony DVDRW and the other is a TTS DVDRW about 5 years old. Any ideas?

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Try this (1):

Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs

Fix problems with CD or DVD drives that can

The CD drive or the DVD drive does not work as expected on a computer that is running Windows Vista

DVD drive not recognized in windows 8 - Microsoft Community

Try this(2):
1) Shut down PC.
2) Physically disconnect the CD/DVD Drive.
3) Reboot to Windows with NO DVD drive.
4) Shut down PC.
5) Physically reconnect the CD/DVD Drive.
6) Reboot to Windows with DVD drive.
7) Check Device status.

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