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After Windows 8.1 update Skydrive Error-> Error: We can't



So I've just finished updating my Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, the installation went smoothly but now there is a problem - which is the Skydrive folder (that is located in in my users folder) won't synchronize with the following error "Error: We can't connect to your SkyDrive because the path of a file or folder is too long" ... I only have access to the files that were already in there before the update, but it won't synchronize with new ones.

Before the update everything was working fine and synchronizing fine, there was absolutely no problem with long folder or file's path, now after the upgrade there is suddenly a problem? :shock:

I can't change the folder structure now, it's too late as I've several machines (Windows 7) with the same structure and it would be a mess If I changed it.

How can I correct this issue? Does anyone have any ideas?


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