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After losing BlueTooth capability, this is weird too.

I'm running an Asus M32BC AMD FX-8310 desktop.

Around March 30th, I ran an update, and it seemed to be stalled. It appeared to be doing nothing for quite awhile, so I foolishly canceled it.

Then I noticed that my on board Bluetooth had quit working. I looked at Device Manager and it was there, but wouldn't work. So some people said to just delete it from Device Manager, and reboot, and Windows would reinstall it. I did, but it didn't.

So they suggested running SFC and DISM and I did, and it said things were fixed, but still no Bluetooth in Device Manager. The Realtek Bluetooth BT services appear to be running, but nada.

They suggested getting a Bluetooth dongle, so I did, but even that won't run.

Then I recently installed a BlacX Esata drive dock, so I could clone the drive and possibly reset the OS, but even though that's showing up in Device Manager when it's turned on, it's not being seen as a drive in This PC, or showing up to Acronis True Image, for cloning to.

And now, a couple of USB devices are showing up in Device Manager as disk drives - one of them being my MFC printer ( how weird ). The other one is my bodycam, which I use it my work, and usually shows up as a drive, in This PC. But you can see that the Western Digital drive shows up here in Device Manager, but NOT in This PC. The Bluetooth showing up there, is just a ftp shell of some kind and when I open it, there's nothing there.

I've tried finding some kind of Bluetooth driver installer for Realtek, and they've told me to install things that didn't even seem related, and didn't work.

Any ideas on what might be going on, and how to fix it?

Outside of these quirks, the PC is running fast and wonderfully - especially since I also upgraded from 8gb to 16gb, using the exact same number of RAM module, in a slot next to the original one.


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