After login my onboard keyboard and mouse lock up


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Hi there i did a quick search and i didn't see one like this
So i have a toshiba laptop touch screen and i can log into it like i normally do but as soon as i do my num lock goes on what ever icon is in the bottom right corner of my desktop is gets checked off (like the keyboard is holding down and right maybe??)) i can plug in a usb mouse and keyboard and they both work but even if i uninstall the drivers for the laptops mouse and keyboard the num lock light is still on and still keeps the icon on my desktop lit up

and when i was in device manager it would keep the last sublist selected and i had to right click on every thing to open the properties and uninstall or update drivers

i can boot in to ubuntu live cd and all works fine

i have tried so far

1 system restore failed to complete
2 system refresh (keep files and setting) failed to complete
3 attach external keyboard and mouse and update drives didn't fix my full problem touch screen and mouse now work still now keyboard
4 new user account new user has same issue (fixes alot of win 7 issues)
5 ran malwarebytes and superantispyware thinking it was virus caused

im a computer technician normally i don't need help and always ask as a last resort only so if someone can help me it would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance

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System One

  • OS
    win 7,8 mac osx10.9 ios and android
    Computer type
    System Manufacturer/Model
    amd a8-3870k 3.0 ghz x4
    msi a55m-p35
    16 gb ddr3 1800 kingston
    Graphics Card(s)
    radeon 6950
    Sound Card
    Monitor(s) Displays
    lg 42inch tv
    Screen Resolution
    1600 1200
    Hard Drives
    ocz vertex 2 os
    seagate 500 hybrid games
    wd 500 black important data
    wd 2tb green tv shows
    wd red 3tb movies and game recordings
    wd blue 500 spare
    cooler master 750
    zalmen z9
    blue with green under glow
    logitech g17
    rat 7
    Internet Speed
    13mgabit per second
    kaspersky or norton (basic not 360)
    Other Info
    also have 2 macbooks for my dj company 1 ipad my galexy and a ubuntu test bench core 2 duo 2.5 ghz 2gb ram 120 gb ssd and 500w psu