action security center can not be enabled why?


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Hello! I hope you can give me some help.I have a dell laptop with windows 8.1 64bit.Some days ago when i was in user account i noticed that network connections in control panel are missing both wifi and Ethernet.I opened chrome and had no internet but ie and firefox was working fine. Chrome said that antivirus blocking internet. I saw also that action center could not be activated. Then i went to my administrator account and also security center could not be activated. My basic antivirus is Norton. I ran a full scan and no threats found. Then i wanted a second opinion and downloaded malwarebytes. When tried to run malwarebytes to the current version 3.5.1 the service could not start showing error 1068.The service is set to automatic.In control panel it says that is installed the current version 3.5.1 but in system tray says version 2.2.1. After that i searched it to see why not starting as normal, and tried to run chameleon if there are any viruses.And also could not update to current version of malwarebytes though version 2.2.1 found no threats. I attach some screenshots.
Strange thing is that windows defender can not be activated with error 577 or error 1053 and is set in services as no automatic and can not change it.
Also i run rkill and no errors found. In services both rpc and wmi services are set to automatic and activated. Of course i turned off Norton antivirus and firewall but with no luck.
Did same things in safe mode as admin with same results malwarebytes could not be updated and security center could not be activated.
Do i have a virus or something in windows files or settings ?One last thing is that in system -> cpu and ram are not available.


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