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ACPI BIOS Error while booting from window 8 USB on Asus x541u


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Hi All

I am having some issues while booting from USB window 8 bootable. I have Asus x541u laptop with preinstalled window 10 OS.

I personally do not like window 10 so decided to install window 8. The USB bootable is in working condition as checked on other laptop.

When it start booting from the USB, it shows the window 8 installation logo and after few seconds it show blue screen with error ACPI_BIOS_ERROR.

I have checked all the option in BIOS setting such as secure boot enable/disable, CSM enable/disable, Fast boot enable/disable etc. non of the option worked.

I have read at some other forum to press F7 to disable ACPI while booting/installation but this seems to not to influence in anyway.

I do not understand the problem. Is the laptop locked to not to be operated other than window 10 OS? At Asus personal account, I have seen that only window 10 is registered against my laptop. The Peripheral in the computer are standard and should work with all windows.

How can I install window 8 on my computer?

Kindly guide.


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I went to the Asus website and looked for your computer. There was a letter after the "x541u", so I chose "a" (x541ua). I also checked "j". According to what I found for these two models, there are no Windows 8.1 drivers available for your computer. That is likely the reason why you are not able to install Windows 8.


If you simply cannot tolerate Windows 10, there are a couple of options:
  • You could get one of the add-ons that brings back the Windows 7-style interface. This would make it look and feel like Windows 7. (Of course, under the surface it would still be Windows 10, with its auto updates and telemetry.) I use Classic Shell on my Windows 8.1 computer; unfortunately, they quit developing Classic Shell for Windows 10, so I don't recommend Classic Shell in your case. There are others, such as StartIsBack and Start10. (I used StartIsBack for Windows 8.0 and 8.1, and I really liked it.)
  • You could run one of the Linux distros (I like Linux Mint, myself). In fact, you can run Linux from a DVD or a flash drive, thereby not having to delete anything from your hard drive while you are trying it out. If you decide you like Linux, you could do a clean install of it to your hard drive, which would wipe Windows 10 (and everything else) from the computer.
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