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Acer TimelineU M5-581T| UEFI| Windows 8 x64 install error


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i recently purchased a Acer TimelineU M5-581T laptop. it has 20GB SSD and 500GB HDD and UEFI MB also supports legacy BIOS. it came with Windows-8 pre-installed and had a single drive C:. i had a sequence of events which i described in sevenforum which is related to Windows 7 installtion, can be found in below link.

Acer TimelineU M5-581T| UEFI| Windows 7 install hangs at Logo - Windows 7 Help Forums

now i am unable to install Windows 8 x64 on it. i could able to try with UEFI + Secureboot enabled which is allowed to take Windows 8 USB bootable disk (created by Rufus with UEFI+GPT selection), i a getting error during HDD partition. it says "we couldn't create a new partition. error 0x......".

and if i leave the disk just un-partitioned and click next to continue with installation, then it says "unable to format a partition on disk 0. the error occurred while preparing the partition selected for installation. error code 0x.......".

anyone pls advise a workable solution, will be much help. thanks.

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