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Acer AX3470 Win 8 - Blank Screen at startup.

I just wanna share with everyone this incident that happened to me today. I turned on my PC and it was stuck on logo screen for almost 10 mins so I decided to force power it off by holding down the power button. I know that this may lead to a problem but I didn't have a choice. Then when I turn the power back on, the fan started and the front light is working but nothing happens after that.. just a blank screen. And when you press the power button once quickly, it powers off. This is not an OS related issue that would require some recovery or restoration or rescue disk solution because when I get it to turn back on, everything is ok. No errors reported. It's just that the machine can't proceed with the next boot up step and got stuck. I called Acer and they have what they call "Power Drain" solution. Some of you may have encountered this before, but I thought I'd put it here. Here are the steps:

1.Turn off computer and unplug power cord.

2.Disconnect everything except monitor, mouse and keyboard.

3.Press power button and hold for 30 seconds.

4.Plug power cord back into computer and press power button.

5.Check front panel LEDs (lights) on bezel (front face) or optical drives and listen for power supply fan.

6.If LEDs are on or power supply fan starts spinning, watch for boot screen on monitor.

7.If computer begins to start, turn it off.

8.Reconnect any external devices.

9.Press the power button and make sure the computer starts.

My HTPC is back to normal without any OS errors encountered.


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Hi No Problems Just Would You Please Change This Post To Solved.

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