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Access to USB on router stopped working

Hi, I don't use win8.1 much, but an ASUS tablet all up to date 8.1 used to be able to access the USB drive on our TP-Link router.

Just tried and this and it is a bit weird. Clicking "Network" in File Explorer shows the router, "TP-Link..." If I click on it I get the Diagnostic thing which say, "Unspecified error." Using "\\" in the File Explorer address bar **used** to get to the USB, but not any more, it just hangs forever.

Using a browser and "" shows the router Firmware login web-page and I can log into it OK. I can see the USB OK within the TP-Link firmware and it shows "Public access - ALL"

My PC (Ubuntu) finds the USB drive OK so I know the router is good for sharing the USB.

It seems like a recent 8.1-update may have changed something as an old Surface Pro 2, also recently updated, can not find the USB now either. Both used to.

Any one have some things to try and fix this?

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