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Put the developer build on a machine and been messing around with it. I've seen mostly praise for this OS and I'm a very optimistic and usually easy to please person. I've been using Windows operating systems since DOS and have been partial to Windows, always defending.

My initial reaction to Windows 8 isn't a pleasant one. Now, I understand that this is a very early build, but I doubt most of my concerns will be changed much in the final build. I also understand that this is a tablet OS, so I'm not sure if this is how it will work on PCs as well? Is there a way to make the start button work like it has for so long?

There is no use for the tablet screen on a PC and I'm guessing you can turn that off?

Having to click Start > Control Panel > More Settings > System (after changing view type to avoid even more clicks) > Device Manager to get to device manager adds yet another click to get somewhere from Windows 7.

If they are going to have the tablet menu on a PC, then you should be able to scroll by bringing the mouse to the edge of the screen and not having to use scroll bars.

How do you close apps??? However it is done, it's unintuitive. The only thing I have been able to figure out is to ALT+TAB out to the desktop. Is that how it's going to be on a PC, or is that only on tablets? Or is it only on a PC if you're running a tablet app?

I don't know, so far, not a huge fan.

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I have a feeling I am going to be "flamed" but is it possible that MS will have Win 8 offered as an option along with the current Win 7 for desktop PCs. So perhaps you will be able to choose which of these you actually want included with your PC. Perhaps for general users they would prefer the Win 8 OS while folks that are interested in a more productive and traditional OS will continue to be able to specify 7.

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Please remember this is an early build. Some things will change after we & many other people give feedback to MS. I remember when we tested early builds of win 7 things did get changed for the better after feedback. ;)

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