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A Bit Off The Usual But My Dilema with an iPhone led my he

Greetings! My only hope is that I don't waste anyones time. I had no intention of presenting a non-windows issue to this group of, from what I can see consists of highly intelligent windows users? I was typing in my Google bar up top my dilemma and it brought me here. Im sorry but perhaps someone can provide me a link on where to seek an answer? I typed in my google bar "no installed applications can support this file type. I got this message on my iPhone 4 S which much to my dismay I cant even use anymore. Ive spent the whole weekend trying to find the ultimate solution how to get some of the major apps I will need on there before time runs out and believe me, its at a dead sprint right now. Im using IOS 7.1.2 , an upgrade to 8 being impossible (90% of the apps require this or greater), there was so many things that the "4" wouldn't agree on but Apple did go on to say that 9 was available and would be the last update ever for the iPhone four. The way to update to 9 is only accessible via iTunes on a laptop or PC, and upon looking into it, anyone who doez use texting, emails, and any messaging on the phone wouldn't be able to see a thing, everything is huge and evidently i wouldn't be able to see things accurately with the 4 S having such a tiny screen. I didnt want to jailbreak the phone in order to be able to if anything, retain some kind of dignity by saving a few bucks if i decided to take the leap and give Apple my life savongs of nearly $800 for the current iPhone 7+ in a few months. The research ive done says there are links out there to a fork or,....a different store of the same apps at a lower IOS. Upon trying to download these links I got that message. I haven t a laptop anymore (ive went through 2 in the last 3 months due to unfortunate accidents) (im comvinced im still not supposed to have nice things at the age of 45). Any remote help would be a blessing and I do apologize again for being in the wrong spot, im out of options where to seek a solution, even a link provided pointing in the right direction is better than what i have now :) Thank you for your time .

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