8.1 laptop very slow to access the contents of external drives. Indexing problem?


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Windows 8.1 on an old Lenovo G780 laptop.

Whenever I plug a USB drive (hard drive or SSD) into the laptop it takes maybe a minute to browse folders on the drive. So for example, once plugged in I can quickly see the folders and files, but if I double click on a folder the contents won't be displayed for maybe a minute or so. The same applies to any files, so if I double click on a file it may take about a minute before it opens. If for example it's a video file then, once opened, it plays just fine.

Doesn't matter which external SSD or hard drive I use, and these same drives work without any issues on my main desktop PC.

I wonder if it's something to do with indexing of the drive's contents by Windows 8.1 ?

I know that the USB ports are fine (there's even a USB 3.0 port).

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