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8.1 install error 0xC1900101-0x40019

8.1 install error 0xC1900101-0x40019 and 0x80070652 and Windows 8.1 installation failed and reverted back to Windows 8.0

I'm lucky the computer even came back to life. I have an Intel HD Graphics 4000 video card, so the review from ADRStudio replied on February 15, 2014 on page 18

could address this problem but I'm not so sure. I can't find the Win 8.1 drivers at HP for my machine, they only offer Windows 7 or 8.

I've been reading Latest Win 8.1 ISO "Breaks" System Image Functionality

and on my dual boot laptop with Win 7, this may be a fatal error when trying to install Win 8.1 because 8.1 adds another System partition and kills off the one I had been using.

Considering the overwhelming severity of this problem and how widespread & long-going it is, I'm gonna stick to Win 8.0 for now.

My Computer

System One

  • OS
    Windows 7 Home Premium, Win 8 Pro DVD
    System Manufacturer/Model Number
    HP m7-1015dx Laptop
    2.3 Ghz - 3.3 Ghz
    8 GB
    Graphics Card(s)
    Radeon HD 4000
    Monitor(s) Displays
    Screen Resolution
    1600 x 900
    Hard Drives
    1 TB 5400 RPM
    External USB
    Optical Mouse
    Internet Speed
    15 mbps dl / 1 Mbps ul

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