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I have read the rules here and think this is on the limit of the rules i'm sure a mod will check this post being my first and if i am breaking the rules i'm sorry and just delete this thread.

I am doing some work for a small company and they have 2 or 3 machines that run 8.1 and they are very security aware and don't want me to have their windows login passwords which i understand but quiet often i need to reboot the machine and everytime i do this is i need to go and find the guys who knows the passwords and drag him to where the machines are and he has to input the passwords, which to be honest is a real pain in the rear for both him and I, now i know there are tons of discs that will reset the windows login but i don't want to do this as they want to keep the same passwords on the machines so does anyone know of any kind boot disc that will display the current passwords on screen for me so i will not have to keep finding this poor guy?
Also somethng to bear in mind is this machines uses this protected boot option unlike my normal windows 7 machines i work on i have to disable this to get most boot discs to work, i may not have explained this last bit well and i'm not a heavy user of 8.0/8.1



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Yes there are applications /tools that can do what you need, although most do work as stated by replacing the password and yes this is beyond the scope of this forum.

What I would suggest that you do, is speak to whoever can authorise you as an administrator on the systems that you need to access, and allow you access to this account and password whilst you are working there.

You could even ask to have the Hidden Master Administrator enabled and given a password agreed between the two of you which you could use for your work, when you are not working there it's a quick and simple command to disable/hide this account. to protect the data and other users.

When I used to have this type of issue I would issue a "Notification of Delay to Work" to the guy in charge and at the end of the project charge for this time at a premium rate. As soon as the client realises that their systems are likely to cost them money it's amazing how compliant they can be.

Another system is a " Change Notice " this is issued when the client comes to you and asks for a design or practical change, and then come back when you finish and say they want in changed back as it is not what they really want.

These things should of course be conditions set when agreeing the contract but a quiet word in the ear of who ever pays the bills can work wonders.


Hello Alloneword, and welcome to Eight Forums. :)

I'm afraid that we can't help you to show their password since that would be a violation of the forum rules.

You might see if they could set you up with a temporary account that you can use with your own password until you have finished your work with them, and they can then delete the account.


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Barman58 & Brink, many thanks for your replies, i thought i was right on the edge of the forum rules but didn't think it would hurt to ask, i didn't want to go via the "showing/hacking" route as it would be much easier for everyone if they could trust me with the password after all once i'm in the system i have access to everything so if i was the kind of person to do something i should not then i would have had my opportunity then but they are the client and i have to go with what they want, but i do like the idea of "Notification of Delay to Work" that sounds like a good tool to use so many thanks for the suggestion and allowing the post to stay up.


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