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Solved 32bit or 64bit Windows 8


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Hello all.
I bought a license key online for Windows 8.1 Pro from "Moon Box Software" and I'd like a bit of clarification. The product doesn't specify whether or not the key is for 64bit or 32bit, then again it doesn't specify it on the Windows 8.1 Pro install available through the official Microsoft Store.

So I'm wondering, will the key work on a 64bit install, which is what I'm intending to use? If not, I'll have to cancel my order. I'm guessing as I just bought the license key, I can install either 32bit or 64bit and the key will work for it. Whether or not that's right, I don't know. Might sound a bit of a noob asking it but I've never bought a copy of Windows this way - I bought XP, Vista and 7 from retail stores!

Thanks for any help. :D

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Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: Keys are version specific but architecture independant.

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