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2nd monitor not working


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Hello this is the first time I've tried to set up a dual monitor for Windows 8.

This is what happens:


Note: If i set it as the tv for the main screen it works fine?

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If you lower the resolution is it the same?

Looks like sync problems but the tv should have corrected itself or stayed blank.

Are you using a graphics driver to extend the desktop or are you using windows native software.

(win) (P) extend desktop

try in safemode with networking, if its ok there then its a software issue, either incorrect settings, or corrupt. redownload and re-install.. do not use the same download or cd/dvd..

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that seems like the PC is trying to push a refresh rate that the secondary monitor cannot handle. see if you can switch it to 60 Hz and then check your manual for what resolutions and refresh rates your display can handle.

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