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  1. Tasnim Tamim

    Installation fail because NX, even though it's supported in BIOS

    Hello there, I have a laptop that currently runs Windows 7. In the past I installed Windows 8.1 on this machine, and it installed fine. Not to mention I even upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 and not a single issues and all. Now I want to install Windows 8.1 again. But installing it from...
  2. Ammalgam

    Video: very very interesting conversation with Marc Andreessen

    Video: very very interesting conversation with Marc Andreessen | Windows8update - Comprehensive Windows 8 News and Information Very fun interview
  3. D

    Windows Store functionality uncovered

    The saga of the Windows store has been full of fakes and misinformation. But it now appears that we are finally getting more reliable information that has been uncovered within the Windows 8 leaks. The information comes courtesy of Windows8italia.com as they have uncovered the information...
  4. jedixo

    ribbon in m1

    hey guys i thought i'd bring this over to this forum... this was discoverd by 'NaiveUser' on the mdlife forums... create a key in registry: HKEY_CLASS_ROOT\CLSID\ "{4F12FF5D-D319-4A79-8380-9CC80384DC08}" now create a string value in this key called "AppID", set its value to...
  5. Deception

    How Can "I" Get Involved?

    With me being 15 and having quite a bit of computer knowledge I am interested in going to these conventions/seminars that were held for Windows 7. I also know many people who got free software for attending. I am just extremely curious on how I can get involved and have the upper-hand advantage...
  6. dw96

    My Windows 8 Concept

    Not much to say here. I posted a comment on "If only Windows 8 could look like this..." saying that the concept shown sucks so I made my own. If you want the .psd , please send me a PM. :) I used the "Century Gothic" font for everything and I added some visuals. Surely Microsoft would never...