windows update

  1. turbofizze

    MS store update error and atmos stuck

    Hej all i using Dolby Access for my Astro a50 headset but run into a problem i dont know how to fix... I use Windows 10 pro 22H2 and have a High-end Gamer PC self Customized with Amd Ryzen 9 SSD etc Problem is that when installing windows from new and i download all microsoft store apps etc it...
  2. Straho

    Windows Update

    Hi everyone...! I have a litlle problem with my laptop especially with windows update...! I do everything what this person ("Brink") told me and write in the forum, For which I am very grateful to him because all of this is help me...! Now all my problems is reslove at 95%, the last is that...
  3. M

    Windows Update looking for updates for almost 24 hours. Is this normal?

    The computer is a Compaq15 64-bit, running Windows 8.1. It has 2g memory and a 500gb hard drive with plenty of available space. I'm trying to help a friend with his computer being extremely slow. The language on his computer is Spanish. He doesn't speak much computer and I don't speak much...
  4. M

    Windows 8.1 doesn't auto-install drivers after installation

    Yesterday I made a clean installation of Win 8.1 Pro x32 (version 6.3 build 9600) on my tablet (Dell venue 10 pro 5055). The wifi worked out of the box. The problem is that Windows Update doesn't want to download and install the correct drivers. At the moment I can't use touchscreen, webcam...