windows 8.1

  1. A

    Windows 8.1 component store got corrupt and can't start 32bit applications

    Hello! I was merging my OS partion with another partition and the run was iterrupted. After fixing the partitions with chkdsk some files disappeared and the system no longer started. I used recovery cmd to run sfc and dism and managed to restore some of the files. However, not all of the...
  2. S

    Install Windows Server 2012 updates on Windows 8

    Hey all! New to the forums (after EOL of 8, of course :rolleyes:). Haven't run it personally since 2017, and I switched to 10 on my primary even before that, but have always been a strong defender of the operating system. Always thought about returning to it as my daily driver, now I can't...
  3. Straho

    Windows Update

    Hi everyone...! I have a litlle problem with my laptop especially with windows update...! I do everything what this person ("Brink") told me and write in the forum, For which I am very grateful to him because all of this is help me...! Now all my problems is reslove at 95%, the last is that...
  4. A

    Is Windows Defender enough for Windows 8.1 security?

    Hello, I wonder is Windows Defender enough for Windows 8.1 security? I see that it can be easily bypassed from registry or powershell.
  5. N

    Solved Windows 8.1 failed to install, commands not working

    Hello, I’ve been trying to upgrade from Windows 8 to 8.1 & unfortunately everytime when the installer reaches 40%, I get the message ”Windows failed to install.”. I have tried the following commands in Command Prompt also, but nothing’s worked. - sfc /scannow - DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image...
  6. L

    I need help- Dell Venue 8 Pro 5830 32GB

    Hi all, I have a Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet that I upgraded to Windows 10. It somehow deleted the recovery partition. Windows 10 is quite bad on it and I need 8.1 back. Basically what I am looking for is an original recovery image of the Dell Venue 8 Pro 5830 32gb Windows 8.1 32-bit. The Dell OEM...
  7. N

    Win8.1: Safe Mode frequently breaks with empty black screen

    I’ve had this problem for years: Every now and then, Safe Mode “breaks” and booting into it gives a blank black screen: no logon screen, no desktop icons, nothing. The mouse becomes visible when I move it and the “Safe Mode” text in the corners briefly appears, but it all vanishes when I stop...
  8. J


    Hi all, I've had several BSODs over the last few months, all related to putting my laptop to sleep (or waking up?) and apparently caused by the USBSTOR.SYS driver, but I don't really know what that is (guessing a USB driver) or how to fix it. Can anyone help? I've attached the zip file per the...
  9. 3

    Solved Clean Installed 8.1 32bit on 8600K Coffee Lake, Updating Woes

    I successfully managed to install 8.1 32bit onto this setup: i5-8600K Z370XP-SLI 960 NVME That was very easy to do and it works well (BTW, 30% faster than the previous Windows 10 32bit I had on there). The problem I have is to do with Updating. I am *not* getting any Unsupported Hardware...
  10. J

    Solved Windows 8.1 install is driving me crazy!

    EHi everyone, This is the n-th time I'm attempting a Windows 8.1 install to no avail. The computer in question is the HP All-in-one 20-040d (originally shipped with Windows 10 Creators Update, wiped it for Linux, now trying to get 8.1 working). The steps I did are: 1. Download a Windows 8.1...
  11. A

    Windows 8.1 Problem - Application Hang - Explorer.exe Hang

    Hi guys! I need some help with my laptop. Every time I open my laptop windows explorer does not respond. I can not right click on files, folder or do any right click operation on computer, documents etc. Every time I do it, window explorer freeze and I get an error that windows explorer is not...
  12. ziadmario54321

    Solved Uninstall the system language (default language of the user interface)

    Hello everyone from the forum! I just upgraded Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 8.1 Pro using the Upgrade method. The issue is that suddenly the default display language has set into the other display language which is not the default language from the previous operating system. I have changed...
  13. K

    Windows 8.1 to 10 no product key

    My cousins laptop was running Windows 10, she sent it in for repair and they 'fixed it' by reverting it back to 8.1. I spoke to Microsoft support and they said I'm able to upgrade it back to 10 for free, however I'm unable to find the 8.1 product key (it's not on a sticker and she doesn't have...
  14. O

    Trying to repair my Windows 8.1 boot

    Hello There. A few days ago my Laptop crashed and refused to boot again. It just gave me the 0xc000225 error message. First I tried to repair it with the help of an Windows 8 installation disk. I ran the bootrec commands in the console and also tried the standard startup-repair, but nothing...
  15. Prinze

    BSOD when playing csgo

    I have this issue since a few months ago and i cant find an absolute solution for it. So when i decided to play csgo again, the problem still there. All lowest settings. Dont know why. It always happen when i am in the middle of my game and suddenly appears BSOD, sometimes Memory Management...
  16. N

    Intermittent (and increasing) BSODs, various error messages, storport.sys

    Quick summary: For months I’ve been getting intermittent (and increasing) BSODs with a small variety of error codes, including DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION, KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (at least twice) and, most recently, PASSIVE_INTERRUPT_ERROR. Running WinDbg on the minidumps...