windows 8 installation

  1. niobium

    Windows 8.1 ISO (before update)

    Hello, I have an old laptop that shipped with Windows 8.1 I recently did a clean install and found that there is no longer a built-in driver for my touchscreen, and Windows Update doesn't show up either. Is it possible to get an ISO from before the update so that my touchscreen works?
  2. O

    Solved Which Windows 8.1 image do I download?

    I need to repair my Windows 8.1 x64 installation. For that, I need an untouched ISO of Win 8.1 x64. allows you to download images from here. What is the architecture? Is it x64 or x32 bit? I need a Windows 8.1 x64 Pro image. Where can I download that from? Edit: I have already...
  3. J

    Purchased a Windows 8 recovery usb directly from Dell

    Here is my issue: So my hard drive failed in my Dell inspiron 660, and yes, i failed to make my backup and recovery disk. So i purchased one from Dell for $20 and bought a new hard drive. I installed the new drive, powered up went into to bios and disabled secure boot and powered down. i...
  4. The Wild One

    Solved Windows 8 Build 7989 Screen Shots / Snips

    Hello everyone, I just thought to share these, I will have more later. click to enlarge