windows 10

  1. vuces

    Virus got my pc

    Hello there, my pc downloaded a file, and that file was a ransomware. This ransomware encrypted all of my files, after resetting my computer I lost everything which i didnt really care about, but now I lost my Windows 10 Pro key, and now I dont have anything i cant even download stuff from the...
  2. N

    I have mini freezes which don't even feel like a millisecond how can i fix it?

    Sometimes when i play games on my HDD my Computer just gets a mini freeze the sound also hangs up in the same second. After the freeze discord doesn't recognize my microphone anymore so i can't talk until i restart discord. My Gpu ist overclocked and my cpu also. But they were overclocked from...
  3. J

    I factory reset my pc and it wont display.

    So i was factory resetting my pc and i accidentally turned my pc off. After trying to repair my drive in start up recovery for an hour i went to cmd and typed exit. My screen turned blue and wouldnt change. I turned my pc off then back on and all fans were spinning and lighting up but i didnt...
  4. P

    MobaXterm background color

    Some of the letter are in dark blue. This together with the black background it makes it impossible to read. Does anybody know how to customise the colours of the terminal? I already tried the following: 1.- Click on Settings -> Terminal 2.- In the Terminal look and feel change the Color scheme...
  5. K

    Windows 8.1 to 10 no product key

    My cousins laptop was running Windows 10, she sent it in for repair and they 'fixed it' by reverting it back to 8.1. I spoke to Microsoft support and they said I'm able to upgrade it back to 10 for free, however I'm unable to find the 8.1 product key (it's not on a sticker and she doesn't have...
  6. K

    Solved How export firefox bookmarks

    Currently I am using Mozilla Firefox browser but it seems little lazy and slow, so I want to move on to chrome but I have so many saved bookmarks in firefox and I don't want to lose those. I am searching the ways to export firfox bookmarks and then import those bookmarks in chrome. Help will be...
  7. D

    I wanna Install Windows 10 on my Desktop PC

    Hello friends, I am looking to Install Windows 10 OS. Before i only used Windows 7 but now i want new Windows 10 on my Desktop PC. Can any one please share its complete installation procedure??
  8. A

    Windows 10: Automate update Avast free

    How can I best automate in Windows 10 the following: 1 trigger: when I connect to internet 2- action: Avast free launches, settings menu is selected (click on top right) and then update option is selected (on left column menu)? Possible with task schedule or other tool that I do not need to...