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  1. MamaBear2017

    Why does MalwareBytes turn off Defender on one PC and not the other?

    This is weird. We have MWB on my Windows 8.1 PC and it runs along side Windows Defender. But we also have MWB on my sister's Windows 8.1 PC in the same house, and if we start MWB, it turns off Windows Defender and Defender can ONLY be turned on, if we turn off MWB
  2. Haideroverhere

    Windows 10 installation problem

    Hey guys, I bought a dell inspiron 5567 today, and it came with DOS, so I set up windows 10 on a usb, and plugged it in - I cleared out my drive but it didn’t let me install due to it not being in the right format, after setting it to GPT through command prompt, I now only have one setting...