1. Straho

    Windows Update

    Hi everyone...! I have a litlle problem with my laptop especially with windows update...! I do everything what this person ("Brink") told me and write in the forum, For which I am very grateful to him because all of this is help me...! Now all my problems is reslove at 95%, the last is that...
  2. B

    New VLC update issues?

    So when you right click on 1 or more media files, the option to have them played on a playlist through VLC was always there. Now after the latest update to VLC, 3.0.14, that option is somehow gone. Is there a way to bring this back? Also, if you were to fast forward with your direction pad on...
  3. Stan Schultz

    Updates mangled Windows

    I'm sure this issue as been discussed a million times already, but at age 77 I don't have the time to waste to search through nearly a hundred pages of posting titles and maybe get nothing for it. And I'm sure this is the wrong forum to post this, but it IS about updates. I reinstalled Windows...