1. F

    How can I extract text from video?

    Hi members, advice on software, please. I'm needing to capture 26 000 of our client's details (name and tel no) onto a spreadsheet. The only way we were able to save the data before the app we were using crashed, was by videoing the info. I found a possible solution using an OCR - optical...
  2. adel samir

    Removable USB flash drives are shown with generic icon

    I am using Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit (6.3, Build 9600) on laptop dell inspiron 3542 core i7 and for some reason all my removable USB flash drives are shown with generic icons: This doesn't affect the performance and every thing works fine. I switched to a different user on the same PC and the...
  3. I

    Program No Longer Works Until I Create A New User Account:

    I Do Not Know If This Should Go In Software, Users, Or Both: There are times when programs (in this case, Free Download Manager) does not work any more but if I create a new user account it works again. How do I get the program to function correctly again in my original account on the same...