safe mode

  1. D

    Solved Cannot boot into Safe Mode, does Automatic repair instead..

    (Windows 8.1) I cannot boot into safe mode for some reason, I suspect Comodo Antivirus is behind my troubles.. but I have already uninstalled it and my problem is still there.. The Automatic Repair fails and directs me to a log files that says "E:\PCIIDEX.SYS is corrupt." And so I have...
  2. M

    How to disable the Windows Advanced Startup Options

    I need to disable the troublesoot section that appears when we click restart while holding down the shift button. This will allow the user to enter the troubleshoot section which has many options. I need to disable Safe Mode completely. It is absolutely ridiciolous since it allows users to...
  3. hosa

    All the problems I'm facing with my Windows 8.1 system..

    Some basic information first: - The laptop is an old Sony Vaio VPCEG25FX - Windows 8.1 version 6.3.9600 Build 9600 Good day to all of you guys lurking here, I thought it would be too exhausting making a new post for every single problem, so I think its better to discuss my...
  4. N

    Win8.1: Safe Mode frequently breaks with empty black screen

    I’ve had this problem for years: Every now and then, Safe Mode “breaks” and booting into it gives a blank black screen: no logon screen, no desktop icons, nothing. The mouse becomes visible when I move it and the “Safe Mode” text in the corners briefly appears, but it all vanishes when I stop...
  5. W

    Windows 8.1 Safe Mode from OFF state

    Windows 8.1 “Safe Mode”: - W8.1 allows one to access the “Recovery” menu after booting up which allows one to select restarting in “Safe mode” but how does one get the PC to boot into Safe Mode from the OFF state? If, for example, the PC will not boot into Windows and hangs? In this case the...