1. techswift

    How do I remove the Notepad menu temporarily, and keep it editable?

    I would like to do a notepad hack. What I want it to look like is at I would like to open notepad in a compact, usable window without a menu and with editable text. If possible, I would also change the icon and the title of the Notepad window. I tried to find this in...
  2. CharlesT

    Startmenu: Cannot pin files in Notepad, Excel

    Greetings :) When I expand recent files in Notepad or Excel via startmenu and click the "Pin to this list" or "Unpin from this list" nothing happens. Interestingly, this is only the case for certain programs (Notepad and Excel so far) while others (Wordpad, Firefox, Paint.NET) have the correct...