1. KlnxStrm

    Help needed! Windows Explorer memory leak

    Erhm, so I have been using this PC (HP 625) for the past year now and I have had this issue for 3-4 months now. At first I thought the problem was malware so I did a complete format of my laptop but the problem was still there even after the reset. Whenever I'm connected to the internet through...
  2. A

    Can I increase user memory without enabling pagefile?

    Can I increase the amount of memory available to the user's programs without enabling the pagefile via registry? I mean, maybe it can be increased at the expense of the system memory.
  3. TalonX00

    Solved .Zip / .Rar Extraction problem

    I'm sure this is a "newb" problem for some of you so let me preface this with .....Sorry for wasting your time......however any help would be greatly appreciated. I know when extracting any file from a compressed .zip or .rar to an external HD ....there are some files that are temporarily...