1. J

    Solved Windows 8.1 install is driving me crazy!

    EHi everyone, This is the n-th time I'm attempting a Windows 8.1 install to no avail. The computer in question is the HP All-in-one 20-040d (originally shipped with Windows 10 Creators Update, wiped it for Linux, now trying to get 8.1 working). The steps I did are: 1. Download a Windows 8.1...
  2. niobium

    Windows 8.1 ISO (before update)

    Hello, I have an old laptop that shipped with Windows 8.1 I recently did a clean install and found that there is no longer a built-in driver for my touchscreen, and Windows Update doesn't show up either. Is it possible to get an ISO from before the update so that my touchscreen works?