1. R

    M.2 SSD & HDD Combo Adapter for laptop?

    Hi, I'm looking for a caddy adapter that plugs into a laptops cd bay. Specifically one that does both M.2 SSD & HDD at the same time. Is there anything around? Thanks! =) - Red.
  2. yoongcy421

    Seagate 2TB Unallocated, Unknown, Not Initialized

    Hi all, I am extremely desperate. I bought this new HDD two weeks ago for this particular vacation which I saved all camera photos on (due to lack of laptop memory), yesterday, during my last day of the trip, the HDD will not light up ( I hear spinning sound), and cannot be found on My Computer...
  3. N

    Hard Drive Disconnects Intermittently

    I'm running W10 x64 Ver 1709 Build 16299.334. I have, among others, a 5TB WD hard drive that is less than six months old. The drive disconnects intermittently. That is, sometimes every other time I start the computer the drive shows up as missing. I have run chkdsk and Western Digital Hard...